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Use this page to listen to some great performers on YOUR instrument!!!! I also thought you would enjoy hearing what the same song sounded like on each instrument, hence why you see Flight of the Bumblebee under each!

Interesting.... Bumblebee- Rafael Mendez

Greg Pattillo- This is the beatboxing flute player from iCarly!! Crazy awesome!
Beatboxing Flute!!
James Galway- The Legend!- Flight of the Bumblebee
Flute -Flight of the BumbleBee
Jean-Pierre Rampal- Another Legend in the flute world!! This piece if from Claude Bolling's Flute for Jazz Piano which is awesome! Be sure to watch the whole video!
Sentimentale, from the Claude Bolling Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano

Benny Goodman- 1937 recording of Sing Sing Sing, his solo start at approximately 1:03.
Sing Sing Sing
Stanley Drucker- played for 61 years with the New York Philharmonic!! WOW!!! This piece is just beautiful!!
Weber Concerto for Clarinet
Bliss- I do not know the guy, but found his recording on youtube to be the clearest. Flight of the Bumblebee on Clarinet
Flute of the Bumblebee- Clarinet

Heinz Holliger-Swiss Oboe player and composer, playing the Mozart Oboe Concerto, a super fun piece to play!!!
Mozart Oboe Concerto
Pierre Pierlot- Haydn's Concerto No. 5 in F major also featuring Jean-Pierre Rampal on flute!
Haydn Concerto no. 5
Flight of the Bumblebee on Oboe!
Oboe- Bumblebee

Branford Marsalis- Born 1960 in Louisiana, brother to Wynton Marsalis, comes from a musical family. Fantastic jazz and classical player.
Brandford Marsalis Quartet- Don't Mean a Thing
James Barger- Flight of the Bumblebee Alto Saxophone
Bumblee- Alto Saxophone

Eastman School Of Music Bassoon Quartet- The Breaking Winds- "Lady Gaga Saga"- This is just too much fun not to share!! :)
Breaking Winds- Lady Gaga
Here's another from the Eastman School of Music Bassoon Choir- The Breaking Winds- This is a Bach Toccata and Fugue-
The Breaking Winds- Toccata and Fugue (These guys are just so much fun and fantastic musicians!!)
Just one more from them because they are so awesome! The Breaking Winds performing Thunder and Blazes March
Breaking Winds- Thunder and Blazes March

Wynton Marsalis- Born 1961 in Louisiana, brother to Brandford Marsalis, comes from a musical family. Really, really good! :) WOW!
Maurice Andre-Born 1933 in France. Haydn Trumpet Concerto! WOW!
Haydn Trumpet Concerto
Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong- Born 1901. Arguably one of the almost best jazz trumpeters!! LOVE!
When The Saints
Rafael Mendez- Flight of the Bumblebee. Starts at 1:00
Flight of The Bumblebee- Trumpet

Columbus State University Trombone Choir- Star Wars
Star Wars
Columbus State Universiry Trombone Choir- "O Magnum Mysterium" by Morten Lauridsen- One of my favs!!!
O Magnum
Penn State Trombone Choir- "Entry of the Guests" March from Tannhauser
PSU Trombone Choir
Tommy Pederson
Flight of the Bumblee- Trombone

David Childs- Born 1981 in Englad, Flight of the Bumblebee-
Euphonium, Flight of the Bumblebee
David Childs- Gabriels Oboe, originally written for oboe, but this is beautiful on baritone!!
Gabriel's Oboe on Euphonium
Dr. Brian Bowman- Bach Cello Suites, yes that's right, Cello Suites
Baritone/Euphonium Bach Suites

Gabriel's Oboe for Cello with Yo-yo Ma! AMAZING!!
Gabriel's Oboe on Cello

President Obama's Inauguration
Yo-Yo Ma & Itzhal Pearlman- Two of the most, if not THE most, prolific string players of our time
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